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I'm BAAAA-AAAAAAACK.... from the dead! XD Bwaha! Seriously, I'm back though. :) Been a seriously long time since I've updated this thing, but so glad I did. Time flies by soo fast I won't be able to fit all the updates into this one updated journal piece, lol.

But I am getting back into the swing of things involving artwork. FINALLY got some brand new art supplies; new crayons, markers, colored pencils from Crayola. And won't be long until I get my new supply of Copic multiliner pens, too. Got some of those recently while I was at it.

With my new fresh supply of markers, I managed to muster up the muster lol, to finally get one of my Bass pictures colored. It's been awhile since I worked with markers, but a little practice isn't going to hurt. I do plan on making my own fresh, original art pieces that I do want to sell eventually. So, I'm practicing my abilities with doing up fanart stuff and practicing drawing anime characters and stuff. So, getting my practice in before selling original art. ;)

In the meantime, I'm enjoying relaxing, drinking my morning coffee, and will be heading out today to go pick up my cuddlebug, Tom Tom, my loveable sweety kitty who, a few days ago, injured himself bad. :C *sniff sniff* poor baby made me very afraid he ended up with a broken pelvis, hip, or horrible sprained set of back legs!! D: (Oh, my puss pusses are always getting into SOME form of trouble or another. - _ -)

So when my mom came back from being out of town on a business trip, we set up Tom Tom's immediate visit with the all-cats clinic vets. And got him in, and yesterday they did the x-rays and later the day, gave us a call and I got GREAT NEWS! :) My baby is going to be A-OK!!! :D They found no broken bones, nothing was dislocated, which I had been worrying since my boy wasn't able to stand on his back feet since that unpleasant night. (I had JUST crawled into top of my bunk bed, too, with the lights off, I couldn't see what was going on down below. Heard lotsa racket a few moments later, so I get up, get back down, turn lights on and poof -- there he was. He either tried to climb up the side of the cat playpen I have in my room, and he fell off of it, caught his legs or feet somewhere... had a real bad landing... or he tripped over something as he was running really fast around. He likes to climb my cat playpen AND run around! So those two are the only things I can think of that he did one of them.)

So, they got him on pain meds, kept him overnight to monitor his system to make sure he doesn't have any allergic reactions to the meds, and the meds are designed to be lifetime so he can stay on them as long as he needs without any problems. And I have a real strong suspicion it's going to be awhile before he's back to his normal self. Poor guy! :C

But I am super happy he's going to be fine, and sometime today, we're getting a call back from the vets to see if and when he's ready for pickup so he can come home and snuggle with me. :) WHEW!! Major relief!

And I plan on getting some outdoor exercise as I have missed riding my horses. And I got a doctor's appointment coming up, need to get bloodwork done FIRST, so I need to get exercise in much as I can, and make sure the docs are happy lol! XD

Oh! We got two new chickens by the way! :) I am so happy! And so is my mom. And they are the egg-laying types, too. So we're getting fresh eggs now, none of that GMO BS, or anything unnatural. In fact they be a lot healthier than the store-bought kind anyway. So I'm looking forward to making me up some french toast or scrambled eggs, or something with the eggs. We got a helluva lot of them JUST from ONE chicken!! :D My mom brought back with her, a second chicken to keep our first one happy. She went north for business reasons, and my dad's got a bunch of chickens himself so he's letting us have two. We got the first one, and now we just needed chicken #2. And mom brought back with her, chicken #2! :)) Hooray! More protein material for us from the eggs! :D

Okay I better wrap things up here, I'm getting the artsy bug again and I GOT to go play with my art supplies somehow. :)


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Hi fellow Guildie from LoA! :D Welcome to my page! :) I may be a bit slow here on updates but I do have lots of cool art for others to look at and enjoy. :) I'll be adding more stuff eventully. Right now I'm in the midst of my newest hobby along with playing LOA and a few other games I'm on too. Aqua Catgirl on Angel Alliance (I'm testing it out to see what differences there are on there compared to LOA) I'm Neko Holly on "I Am Ninja" and Hollie Chan on "Unlimited Ninja". Both of those are Naruto themed games so I'm testing out the differences and see which one I like better. Frankly, I like Unlimited Ninja better. I get to actually see some of my favorite characters as themselves! :) Plus, a few other options like Spirit beasts are on it. Anyhoo, that be me on those games. ;)
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